Visceral Decay | Implosion Psychosis

by Guttural Brutality

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released August 6, 2015



all rights reserved


Guttural Brutality Productions São Paulo, Brazil


GBP is based in São Paulo, Brazil and our goal is support the underground Brutal Death scene by offering distribution, merchandise, promotion, booking and brutal musick to brutal people.

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Track Name: Depravity Uncontrolled
Sexual satisfaction is essential whatever the way i want to fulfill
My sexual desires, i look in the street, an exquisite woman
I’m dominated by my bestial part
I need to have sex with her i beat brutally her head and it exploits
I take her body, she is still alive
She is dying
I press her neck, suffocating her and finally killing her
I dismember her legs, her vagina is still warm
I fistfuck her anus i put my tongue inside her cunt and introduce my dick in her bleeding mouth
The blood acts as a lubricant her broken teeth, ripping my dick
My semen mixed with her blood, gushing from her facial orifices
This corpse turns cold
Because this corpse will be my sexual toy
Sexual satisfaction is essential
Track Name: Implosion Psychosis
Millions of years have passed and the sun dies 
The star grows and begins to consume
The first planets of the solar system radiation
Is moving ever closer to earth orbit
Implosion Psychosis
Shelf life on earth is violently reduced, 
Water and vegetation disappeared 
Quickly hell breaks loose 
Humanity comes into despair
Generating a vain war for survival 
On the surface of the Earth
Humanity comes into despair
The blood is evaporated in extreme heat
They try to take refuge in the basement 
But it is useless, their fate is already marked, 
The arid planet, succumbs 
To the great, solar power
That exceeded earth's orbit 
Finally the star decreases 
In size and brightness 
To cool completely
Track Name: Upcoming Execution
Uncontrollable despair
Anguish and unavoidable fear
Tortured mind
Images of violence, death and decay
Loss of reason, resignation, there is not salvation
My execution is coming, condemned of murder, kill is my passion
I enjoy, seeing the blood run
View weak bodies falling
Cause pain, suffering, without repentance
At last they caught me
Beat me and sentenced me now i feel, that my victims felt
My body is paralyzed by fear
Suffering and increasing pain
Desperation is present again
The knife is in my throat
I don´t have exit, my last seconds of life
Finally I have been decapitated, my legacy has ended
Track Name: Euphoric Cannibalism
Euphoria eminent in my body and mind By effect of drugs, i give a fuck your existence and of all humanity I break all the heads, without importance I trample their corpses, without repentance I feel immense satisfaction when bodies fall Exquisite human flesh, this pleases me infinitely I kill every human around me I feel joy when removing the viscera This is the end of everything I feel immense satisfaction when bodies fall Exquisite human flesh, this pleases me infinitely This is the end of everything Sedated by drugs, no matter nothing Euphoric Cannibalism
Track Name: You're the Next Victim
Chained bodies and dying, torn limbs still bleeding Guts hanging on hooks human heads on a wood table and puddles of blood cover the floor Human flesh, ready to eat I’m a psychopath, thirsty of blood You’re useless garbage Pleasure in torture weak humans Pleasure in see run the blood
Slaughter sweet slaughter You’re the next victim Prepare to suffer and die
Track Name: Human Involution
From older generations, scoria
Humanity, back evolutionarily
Advances in technology
But their attitude is increasingly caveman
Egocentric attitude, it is natural
Fight to survive, is not an alternative
Live or die is the law
But their attitude is increasingly caveman
Human involution
Slaughter, dismember and cut the organs
Slaughter, dismember and grind down
The survival is based on crushing the humans inferior
Imposing respect with ancient methods, of torture
Suffocated in misery, surrounded by thick amount of meat
Pleasure is present, the smell is pervasive
The senses are sharpened, human involution
Kill, grind, to survive, suffocated in misery
Kill, grind, to survive, involution
Kill, kill, kill to survive, kill, involution
Kill, kill, kill, surrounded by thick amount of meat
Track Name: I'm a Genetic Abomination
I have a sick mind and body, behind a beautiful Perfect skin, i’m a refined, hypocrisy, nothing is real Human parts and many bodies piled in my basement, rotten corpses The sport that purifies, the human specie hunting humans Kill the human race scum, purification through violence
Track Name: Patologías Necrosicóticas
Psicosis de un asesino en serie Converge en cuerpos Trastornos mentales, alucinaciones Esquizofrenia Desahogarse es esencial, elemental Satisfacción causa el dolor, aroma de muerte Mutilaciones, desmembraciones, sed de agonía Sadismo discreto, odio obsesivo a la humanidad Saturación de ideas de exterminio Objetivo imponente, la extinción Sangre, muerte, sadismo horror y dolor