Rotten Cadaveric Execration | Misbegotten

by Guttural Brutality

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released October 29, 2014



all rights reserved


Guttural Brutality Productions São Paulo, Brazil


GBP is based in São Paulo, Brazil and our goal is support the underground Brutal Death scene by offering distribution, merchandise, promotion, booking and brutal musick to brutal people.

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Track Name: 10 Hours of Wait, 4 Hours of Work
Slug through the skull
Doesn't matter if he's dead
Gotta wait for the blood to thicken
So this mess won't spread

Choked tissue dies
Perfect time to incise
Knees and shoulders
Neck and torso

Once tendons split
Shit becomes easy

Six pieces left
Stored in three bags
Caught in security footage
Fucked by conscience
Track Name: Demented Violent Reprisal
Neuro toxin parted me from reason
The entire world is but a blur
I know they mock me for who I am
Now I must kill them with my own hands

I’ve one chosen among the sane
And pound her face until she died

On the floor I beat and crush
On her nose I focus the most
Her broken skull is but a shapeless mush
Her brains scattered, dissected brutally

The red is more vivid than before
Her bones are twisting and shifting
I can still hear her sick voice
Her dead eyes still look at me with despair
Track Name: Gorecollections
The memory invades my mind; I dream and recollect every night
Necrosis spreading, creeping cold
The bodies laid upon a pool of gore
Pathogens I smell; cause of death I could actually tell

And in my dreams…
I come back to the days I loved
Vermin swarm inside their holes
Cadaverine and putrescine exudes
A foul smell protrudes
As deceased tissue erupts

Bodies broken and devoured
Flies scavenge the rot
Cleanse it of the viscera
All the innards deformed
Like carrion devoured
Their flesh slowly fades away
The remains of a putrid orgy
I will never let go
Track Name: Krokodilian Torment (Watch Your Flesh Turn to Sludge)
Drugged and crazed, i crave for more
Miss a vein the pain is dire
Abscesses grow, blackens the skin
Stoned in vain can't remember shit

Flowing through arteries, poison
Numbing the pain
Of the flesh that dies
Slowly going insane

Necrosis here and there, unable to see
Skin is a sludge that oozes sickly
Tissue necrotized 'till the bone
Where the needle invaded only rot is left behind
Watch you melt as you are about to die

Reek of death surrounding you as you awaken
Nausea and pain disorients
Once you become aware of the end of your limbs (life)
Track Name: Blossoming in Piss
Purged from within
Residues of deviance
Painful struggle to clean the infested
Excretion of a rancid sickly flow

Acidic blighted soil
The earth corroded convulses and retch

Perversity transcendent
Malevolent contamination
A sanctuary invaded
An earthen boil

A canker o filtered disease
Sprouting pure infection
A tumorous growth
Blossoming in piss
Track Name: Punk Lick
Zit lambeu sua cara
Baba na orelha
Zit lambeu sua cara
Baba na orelha


Mal hálito punk
Minha cara coça
Mal hálito punk
Minha cara coça!
Track Name: Meat for Three Weeks
10kg of flesh feeds their daughter
Another 10kg sold as snacks
Deep fried or roasted
With flour and condiments
Legendary snacks, deadly hunger
Chunks of thighs, juicy rumps
Three bucks a piece, these pieces!

Caught in their lies, butchery revealed
Backyard full of corpses missing chunks
Girl's well fed, proteins in abundance


Lean meat, gone in three weeks
For a few bucks more, they'll hack and kill
Track Name: Pre-Conception Defilement
Alcoholized while still in uterus
Drowning in ethylic infusion

Condemned to a life of wretchedness
Uterus injects crack into the fetus
Lungs are black and tainted
The placenta reeks of pot

Covered in a gristle of tar and acid
Inadequate uterine setting
The fetus absorbs the fluids of depravity
Fed up with taint and atrocities

Defilement prior to the light of day
Poisonous juices sustains a creep
Track Name: Grotesque Facelift Upon a Recently Deceased Corpse
Head beaten until it’s contents come out in an horrendous way
If the only thing gushing out was blood...

Grey matter splattered on the floor and wall, white matter is lost forever!
Eyes snatched out with a rusty spoon, the sockets are filled with cerebrospinal fluid
The cheeks are forced to opposite extremities, a huge smile appears
The tongue is pulled out; fibers tearing produce a satisfying sound

Nose disfigured and turned into a pile of blood, cartillage and flesh
Blundgeon the chin, break the neck and pound the skull

Reform a face never seen before!
Track Name: Meticulous Defleshment
I will strangulate my victims to keep their muscles intact
I shall carefully make and incision, a precise surgical movement
From neck to the crotch, from one hand to the other and across the legs
I shall slice the skin, one centimenter deep
Until it resembles a zip up outfit

Jerk it off, the skinless human body is an addiction to me
The redness of it’s muscles, they are all out to be seen

And then I should take care of the disposable skin

Now moving to the face of the corpse
Even more delicate I should be
Cut around the lips,
remove the eyelids and cheeks
The scalp is ripped with violence.
Oh what a pleasure it is to tear!
The skinned semblant is a pattern of perfection
Beauty is an utopy under this layer of infection

Moving forward to the ends of the limbs
Fingers, toes, palms and soles
Everything should be clean of this messy cover up
And by a hook in the scapula this ghoul should be hung
Awe fills my mind
And the blood gushing from the recently deceased
Drives me to an intense frenzy
I can’t resist but to cut the tendons of the blood spilling cadaver

Now each muscle hangs by one end
I will stretch them until I hear the tearing up
Until I hear the joints spliting up!
Track Name: A Twisting Vortex of Rot
Uncontrollable tide
Cycling around itself

Beyond any human recognition
Beyond any describable concept

Composed of decomposition, residues of our dellusions
Twisting endlessly towards an eternity in torment
Displaying putrid remains, limbs, corpses, ruble and shit
Engulfing the whole of our pointless existence

Catabolic absorption
Extinguishes our lives
Diseases decimate
Unable to stop

Boundless critical expansion
Dictates inevitable finitude
Track Name: Deformed Lustful Abhorrence
Shapeless human being
Her face a dread to me
Her legs thin and weak
Her torso huge and bleak

Saggy tits
Disgruntled face
Mouth like a hole
Abhorred and horny

Lusting for cock
To suck and to swallow
To fuck and devour
Gargle and scour
Track Name: Fingered
Fingered you for the first time
This feeling I adored
Fingered all your holes and pores
I’ll finger you ‘till you die

Unlubricated I don’t care
I’ll invade you with four digits

I’ll spread your butthole wide
To thrust my fist inside
Finger you ‘till I’m exhausted
I’ll switch my hand right now
I’ll lick the jizz out of the other
I finger you ‘till you die

Your filthy cunt has poured a golden wave
Splashing my face with piss
Blood and jizz cover my hand and wrist
Your asshole delivered a bliss
Track Name: Deflagration of a Deranged Mind Through Hallucinatory Process
Blood rushed up my head
I get a feeling I'll soon be dead

Acid melts down my face

My hands are chaffed, my flesh is raw
Stomach splits, I smell my own gore

Acid melts down my face

Arteries burst, haemorrhaging limbs
Fingers falling one by one
The stumps send shots up my spine
I can't see shit, trapped in the void
Track Name: Cumpulsive
A slut, a whore
A mere fuckhole slob
Taking cock for life
Her pussy wide and thrashed
Her ass a gaping hole

Fucking faster every second
A filthy cock she sucks
Becoming eager as they stiff
She sips on their sticky load

Squirt by squirt
Her face is covered
She licks herself
Bukkake bath
Track Name: Contorting Upon the Slab
Ice cold, it petrifies the skin
Bringing me memories of necrotic nature

Restrained and bound
I incise and slice
Screams and begging
Tissues aroused

Swelling of epidermal layer
A revulsion of gasps and cries
Twisting upon my slab
I split skin and reach inside

Life expires
Devoid of warmth
I watch the deadening
Of the body I ravaged

Ice cold, it petrifies the skin
Track Name: Caress My Face As I Carve Your Flesh
Your smell lures me in
Your touch the caress of perfection
I feel the softness of your milk white skin
And I crave the warm redness in you

Incised, my fingers reach inside you
I warms my very soul
I ornament your skin with gashes!

Adorned in blood and suffering
Your body spews enlightment
I deliver the pain that you desire
Your body, aroused contort

Invasive, I play with your split skin
It bathes me
Caress my face as I carve your flesh
Track Name: Tomb of Leftovers
Chunk by chunk I gather the parts
The blood taints my hands and face
I adore the sound of a blade against naked flesh
I separate limbs from torso and head from neck

A cannibal feast I offer to my guests
Leftovers I leave for the worms to taste

Fingers and ears, teeth and bones
The scalp and soles into a hole!

A deep grave for rejected remains
I dug hundreds of times
Left open to propagate the stench
Of a million bodies I’ve slain

In this tomb of leftovers I made
I rejoice drenched in gore
My perversity never ending now appeased
In decaying sickness I cum, appalling